Wednesday, May 4, 2016


We did finger painting last week. Drew is learning how to paint, but still seems a little bewildered at the point of it. Why get your hands all messy if you're not going to eat it?!

Drew is motoring around outside these days. Boy, is he going to have fun this spring/summer! I can already tell that there will be plenty of scrapes and bruises, but I don't think that'll slow him down at all!

He kind of looks like a little Teletubby. So cute. :)

This girl LOVES to wear sunglasses, and has them on more often than not. Here she is sporting Leila's sandals. (Leila has since decided that they are "special", and only for personal use. I can't deny her keeping a few things just for herself. She really shares a lot!)

Maryam also often carries around this cupcake. If it is lost, or happens to fall from wherever she is holding it, you will hear a dramatic, "OH NO! MY CUPCAKE!" These are serious problems when you are two, people!

I love this series of photos, taken after naps, when they all enjoy apple.

I got a rowdy bunch, and I love 'em!

Amadea is becoming extremely skilled at climbing and balancing.

She goes to gymnastics class, and teaches Leila everything she learns from it. It is the sweetest thing, to see her demonstrating, and instructing Leila to pull herself along while lying on the ground, like a worm, or to get her feet up on the wall, using only hands as supports. Leila is getting stronger every day. Thanks Dey!

Maryam's mother had bought all three girls sparkly running shoes for Christmas. On this day, they were all wearing them. What an awesome team!

You're jealous, I know. That's normal. Many other adults in the community have been asking the girls where they too can find shoes like these.

And yeah, always with the rice cakes....

We went to Vine Parkette. It had been some time since we had visited this playground.

This little dude goes there all the time with his family. He was in his element.

Drew and Maryam, covetous of Leila's wheels. Usually there are lots of ride on toys to share, but this time they only had this one pink car.

Told ya she's an expert climber. ;)

I wanted to share a few pics of Noah and Leila gardening at Dea's place.

They got to plant whatever they wanted - their choice. We are going to watch the plants grow over the spring and summer. We are very grateful to Amadea's family for letting us share in the gardening experience. Living high up in an apartment, it's nearly impossible for us to grow anything!

Leila planted a purple and white flower. She also planted some basil (and I believe, some kale).

Noah planted a whole slew of things: carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, kale, basil, parsely and zucchini.

Each child put a Popsicle stick with their name on it, beside their plants.

I got to bond with Dea's little bro, Marcellus, who will be starting at the daycare very soon! He was unbelievably sweet. My heart was melting.

Dea and Thomas came for a play date last weekend, too!

We painted the walls. Fun!

Thomas came over, already tattooed as a pirate. He had a pirate hat too. Thomas has always loved dressing up. :)

He and Noah were too busy playing pirates to paint, at first.

The whole gang started to watch The Muppets movie, but soon tired of that. They played Play Dough, Hide and Seek, and made Cake Pops instead.

 Here is our messy Monday.

Drew was very excited to walk for a bit, on our trip around the block.

He was taking in all the sights and sounds. This kid seems to have gotten about 100 new words in the past few weeks. He says (and understands) things like tree, sky, outside, apple, shoe, beep beep, up, etc., etc., etc. I know he's looking for pigeons on our balcony when he says "quack quack". He says that for birds and for squirrels right now, but he's a brilliant little guy, figuring things out so fast!

Even on rainy days, sunglasses can't hurt. And wouldn't YOU wear them all the time if YOU looked this good in them?! Bless her heart.

Ooo! They found a mud puddle. Jump on in!

Check out Amadea in her Alligator rain coat!

We continued painting the walls on Monday, since Maryam and Drew hadn't gotten a chance yet.

Drew is getting the hang of painting. He does the taste test far less often than he used to. ;)

Beautiful art work! We'll add colour to it with crayons and markers another day.

And then there were four. lol

Leila has been begging me to go to Leslie's (Indian Road Public School Drop-in). On Tuesday, we headed over, nice and early.

It's always way too much fun there. Leslie's set-up is so inviting. Here the kids are at the water table, playing with cut up pool noodles, among other toys.

Leila hung out at the Colour Centre for a while.

At first we didn't know what these different coloured arcs were, but we soon figured it out! Beautiful rainbow puzzles!

Because we didn't get enough painting time at home...

Learning materials...

We made it in time to play, enjoy snack, music circle, and gym! Drew was looking to pick up, and I think he's about to make a move, in the photo below. Even with the yellow paint splatter on his shirt, he's a great catch!

Noah was excited to enjoy Star Wars activities at school today for "May the Fourth." Leila, though she has zero interest in Star Wars, was jealous. So we did her hair like princess Leia. (Don't ask about the morning lollipop. lol)

We did Maryam's hair the same, just for fun!

Maryam came dressed in this beautiful Minnie Mouse dress today! Adorable!!!

Of course, she had Mickey by her side all day. :)

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