Saturday, June 19, 2010

J's 2nd Birthday Party!

Let the days of attending kids' birthday parties begin! This was the second birthday party Noah has been to; he'll be getting the hang of things in no time!
His favourite part was definitely the food. He ate pretty much non-stop from the moment we arrived. (I'm surprised I managed to snap this photo of he and J. without a big wad of food sticking out of his mouth or hand!)

J. had a great time opening her presents. She loved the dolly we got her. Here she is on her new bicycle. Noah was a little jealous and confused as to why none of these gifts were for him. He kept saying "Nona" (which is how he says his own name), but I reminded him that these gifts were for J., and he took it like a champ! When I held a loot bag for him and told him I would give it to him outside, he was quite ready to leave. He said an abrupt "BYE!" to everyone and waited for me by the door.

J., who used to come to our daycare, is as beautiful as ever, inside and out. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to an insanely sweet little girl!!!!


  1. Hi Charla,
    Thank you to you and Noah for attending J's second bday. Holly, J, and I appreciate it a lot!

  2. Thanks for having us, Tony! We absolutely love J., so I hope we can keep in touch with playdates now and then!