Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Day

Today, M. was sick and didn't come to daycare. We missed her! We went to High Park for a playdate with Noah's 2nd cousin Hudson. It will be the last time we will see Hudson for a while, since he and his family are moving to London, England! Hudson LOVES cars and trucks, just like Aidas.

Aidas can climb up the stairs on one of the structures, sit down, slide down, and get off the slide - ALL BY HIMSELF! He was quite proud of himself, and did it about 10 times in a row. 

Noah was demonstrating his skills at kicking the ball. He's getting pretty good! Go Beckham!!

Then we came home and had peanut butter and jam sandwiches!  It was their first time sitting at our dining room table. What big boys they are now!

Aren't they awesome, drinking out of cups? They can even do it in sync!

After their nap, we were going to go to the playground. The sunscreen was on and everything. I even had my shoes on. But they were very defiant about putting on their shoes. They were very clear that they wanted to stay and play. (It made sense, since they had had no time to play at home/daycare until then.) So I thought it would be ridiculous to force them to go to the playground again, when they were having so much fun with what they were doing.

They're starting a band. They want to be like Olivia in "Olivia Forms a Band". They can also do saxophone, piano, and maracas. They rock! Remember where you first saw them!


  1. I know! Honestly, with the talking, they are getting 10x cuter, if you can believe it!