Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nutrios vs. Cheerios

Are Nutrios really more nutritious than Cheerios? Compare the nutritional information of the two cereals for yourselves. This information is for the cereal only, not with milk included:

                          Cheerios                                  Nutrios
                                    (per 1 cup)                                                        (per 1 cup)
 Calories                       110                                                                    120
Fat                               2g                                                                      2g
Sodium                         250mg                                                               3mg
Carbohydrate               20g                                                                    22g
   Fibre                         2g                                                                      2g
   Sugars                       1g                                                                      1g
Protein                          3g                                                                      4g

                                 Daily Value%                                                      Daily Value%

Vitamin A                    0%                                                                     0%
Vitamin C                    0%                                                                     0%
Calcium                       4%                                                                     30%
Iron                             30%                                                                   100%
Thiamine                      4%                                                                     100%
Riboflavin                     2%                                                                     100%
Niacin                          6%                                                                     70%
Phosphorus                  10%                                                                   25%

Vitamin B6                  8%                                                                      not listed
Folate                          8%                                                                     not listed
Pantothenate                6%                                                                     not listed
Magnesium                  15%                                                                   not listed
Zinc                             6%                                                                     not listed

Nutrios looks more nutritious since it contains significantly less sodium, and significantly more calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus. Especially when toddlers can be such picky eaters, it would seem that Nutrios is is one small way to cram a bit more nutrition into their diet. However, the Cheerios contains 5 other vitamins not listed on the Nutrios box. I'm not sure if the low percentage of these 5 vitamins makes much difference. Any nutritionists out there care to comment?


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  5. Bought the Nutrios thinking my daughter would like them and they taste awful! She doesn't like them neither do I, but there is a new cereal out by Quaker called Whole Hearts. Little less sodium than Cheerios a bit more vitamins and a little more sugar but they are very yummy. Cute because they're shaped like hearts and since I introduced them to her I never find any on the floor, they are always gobbled up.