Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, Monday

This morning, we sang one of our favourite songs - ABC! I'm so glad the kids seem innately excited by the ABC's. (Are all kids like this?) We laid the paper alphabet across the floor. I pointed to each letter while singing the song, and hoped they were watching some of it! They have so much fun just dancing around,  walking over the letters and picking up the letters.

Then we used the BINGO letters to sing that song. They took turns turning each letter over, and I clapped over the flipped letters.

Afterwards, they were interested in the alphabet puzzle, so we matched some of these pieces with the corresponding letters on the paper alphabet. I obviously had to help them with this, but I swear I saw flashes of understanding in them. They are such clever little kids!

In the afternoon, we went to the Annette Street Public Library Drop-in. (To see the location and hours, check out this link:
Annette Street Public Library Drop-in

Their favourite part is after music circle, when they get to go under the parachute. (I remember loving the parachute as a child too!) I tried to get some shots that don't have any other children in them. It was pretty difficult.

Of course, circle time wouldn't be complete without "Sleeping Bunnies".....under the parachute. Here are all 3 of them, assuming the position. M. always "wakes up" a little too early. She wants to make sure she's ready. So cute! Here are the words to the song:

See the sleeping bunnies sleeping till it's noon
Come let us wake them with this merry tune
Oh so still
Are they ill?
Wake up sleeping bunnies
Hop, hop, hop
Wake up sleeping bunnies
Hop, hop, hop
Wake up sleeping bunnies
Hop, and stop.

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