Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Alphabet Wall

My home has slowly, over the last 2 years, been taken over by children. However, I think I have reached a whole new level of tackiness with the alphabet wall. It is my wall of glory/shame. It is great for my home daycare, I just can't have adults visit anymore! I guess it is the teacher in me that compelled me to do it. Still, I don't regret it.

There are two long strips of Velcro on a laminated backing, which contain enough space for the complete set of alphabet cards to stick to. The alphabet cards are also laminated and have Velcro on the back.
Truthfully, the kids aren't that into it yet. (A little surprising, since Noah is very into the alphabet. Just not this representation of the alphabet, I guess!). Noah likes to just rip them all down, which is why I usually keep the cards in the closet. I ask them now and then if they want to put the ABC's up. They are into it for about four letters, then tire of it. I am so glad it is up and there for the future though; when they are ready, I am ready!
Noah and Aidas have seen a little bit of the movie "Up" (as much as their attention spans could take). The DVD was a gift from Noah's Nanny. The CD case has been hanging around our living room, and they keep bringing it to me to talk about the "boons" (balloons), the dog, and the little boy pictured on the front. They know that the movie is called "Up", and I show them the letters on the front that spell this. Today I spelled "UP" on the wall with the alphabet cards, and showed the kids how it was the same as the letters on the CD case. They thought that was pretty cool!

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