Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been trying, here and there, to show the kids how to use a glue stick to glue shapes to paper. So far, they are interested, but in the very basic elements of the activity rather than the finished product. Aidas likes to dig his finger into the glue stick. He has also experimented with trying to tear the foam shapes apart. Noah likes to feel the glue on the paper, and also enjoys tearing shapes off the paper after they have been glued on. Clearly, it's a little early for them to enjoy the activity in its traditional form!

Aidas likes when we drive a car over each letter of the alphabet as we sing our ABC's. We've focused on the capital letter "B" this week; noticing it in books, toys, and signs during our outings.

This is an activity I had purchased in my early days as a teacher. It is a sorting activity containing different coloured cars, trains, buses, airplanes, boats and fire trucks. Sometimes they like to just play with them. Other times, they have opted to "sort them" in a sense. One day they would be into the boats, and would collect all the boats. Another day it would be the school buses. In the past few weeks though, they have been getting VERY good at sorting by colour. They can say all the basic colours, and usually pick the right one when I ask for a particular colour. Their mistakes make sense too. They sometimes mix up purple and blue, or red and orange.  

I cannot believe how these boys are growing so much before my very eyes! At the end of this month it will be one year since I have been caring for Aidas! What a wonderful little boy, and such a good friend to my son. They are the ultimate brothers in cuteness! Come September, we kick it into high gear again at the daycare, with 20-month-old twins joining the team. No more lazy days of summer for me!

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