Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

Yesterday Noah, Dan, Emily, Dave and I went to the Ex. It was an absolutely beautiful day for it!
Noah enjoyed the petting zoo. He is mostly over the anxieties he incurred from his "bad turkey experience" in Paris. He pet a pig and a goat, but rightfully kept himself at a safe distance from the animals for the most part.

We thought that since he was so into the rides at Centre Island, he would be into the rides at the CNE. No, not this day. We tried to take him on the rides in the kiddie area, but even though he initially seemed to want to go, he ultimately did not. He was intrigued by the Ferris wheel (he has seen it in his "Go Dog Go" book). Emily and I lined up to take him on it. While he was very anxious to get on the Ferris wheel (and annoyed at having to wait in line), once we actually climbed onto the ride he changed his mind. I tried to get him to sit down beside me anyway, thinking 'He'll be fine in a minute'. However, through his Mommy where are you's the ride operator stated "I'm not supposed to let them ride if they're acting this way". Yeah....I guess taking a very upset, almost 2-year-old on a Ferris wheel would NOT be a good idea! Too funny!

Jacob (in Noah language "Bapee" - that's long a sound followed by long e sound) was working at the Pizza Pizza all day. We visited him on his break. Noah thought Jacob's pizza slice looked yummy, so big brother gave it to him.
It was a very overwhelming and exhausting day for Noah: the heat, the loud rides, the crowds, the random Canadian Military parade which included people on crazy-faced floats (or military trucks) throwing plastic necklaces into the crowd. He did extremely well with it all.
He cheered up quite a bit when we told him we were going to go eat dinner. (Here he is pictured above with his big sister and Dave, going across the bridge into Ontario Place. How sweet is this?) We went to a nice restaurant at Ontario Place. It seems to be the only place in the area where you can order non-greasy food. It is called the Marina Grille, and it is located right beside the Cinesphere.
Jacob finally got off work at 9pm, after a 12-hour shift. Noah rode his first and only ride of the day with Jacob just before we left. Actually, it was the ride Noah first wanted to go on when we got to the Ex: The Choo Choo Train. Unfortunately, at that time it was not working. Luckily, it was all fixed and running as we walked by it to exit the grounds. Big brother won dibs to ride with him!
He was absolutely exhausted at this point, as you can clearly see! He still enjoyed the ride though!


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