Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Key to the Kingdom

(I learned this one by attending the Mother Goose program with Noah at the Early Years Centre.)

This is the key to the kingdom (thumb up)
And this is the kingdom (Arms wide apart, palms inward)
And in the kingdom, there is a town (Arms closer together, palms inward)
And in the town there is a street (One arm straight out, palm out)
And on the street there is a hill (Move palm facing away from you)
And on the hill there is a house (Fingers meet over head, elbows out to make a triangle)
And in the house there is a room (Hands apart, palms inward, as if about to clap)
And in the room there is a bed (Thumbs together, rest of hand pointing up - make square shape with hands)
And on the bed there is a basket (Cup hands together, palms upward)
And in the basket there is a blanket (Fold one hand over the other)
And under the blanket...there's a little baby! (Open hands up again - same as basket gesture)

(For the next part, just do the actions in reverse)
Baby under the blanket
Blanket in the basket
Basket in the bed
Bed in the room
Room in the house
House on the hill
Hill on the street
Street in the town
Town in the kingdom
And THIS is the key to the kingdom!

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