Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures in Kidland

Teething troubles. Noah seems particularly bothered by his brand new molars coming in. When you think about it, it's gotta hurt! Poor guys. Here they are, sucking on teething toys from the fridge.

We went to the "Choo Choo Playground", commonly known as Vine Parkette. It is really a beautiful playground, with an abundance of children's toys (including ride-ons and sand-box toys). The Junction is such a child-friendly neighbourhood that these toys remain at the park. The special feature of this playground is that it is right by the train tracks. It is so exciting for the kids to see the trains go by! In this picture, Noah is watching a train chugging slowly along.

As if seeing 3 trains was not enough excitement, we also saw a tractor. It was there to sweep the baseball diamond.

We watched that tractor intently for a very very long time!

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