Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Picking at Chudleigh's

Last weekend Dan and I took Noah apple picking at Chudleigh's, located 9528 Highway 25 in Milton. It's getting late in the season, and not all apple types are available for picking. Still, we had a great time picking Fuji and Red Delicious apples!

Noah immediately went for the apples that were the easiest for someone of his size to get at: those on the ground. Obviously, some of those that he collected were bitten into, or looked like they were starting to rot. He thought they looked just fine! (We had to sneakily ditch his bag when he wasn't looking and tell him we had combined the apples into two bags.)

It's been ages since I've been apple picking. Actually, I haven't been since I was a kid. The day we chose to go turned out to be quite cold and dreary, but it was such a nice family experience that it seemed as if it warmed up throughout the afternoon.

Noah absolutely loved it. It was so cute to see him carrying his own little bag and busily looking around for the right apples to put in it.


There is a beautiful forested area which you can just see the outside of in the pictures above, and a walking path that runs through it. We wanted to walk through this fall wonderland, but not with two heavy bags of apples. We thought we'd bring our loot back to the car and take the path later on, but we never ended up returning to it. Next time!

And what kid doesn't love a tractor ride? The tractor took us to and from the apple picking area. It wasn't really that far, and we could have walked, but that's not quite as fun! 

Next we picked out a pumpkin to take home. There wasn't a big selection, but there were enough that we could find a good, medium-sized pumpkin (that Noah and the kids will later scoop out). There were a few stationary tractors that kids can sit on and pretend, (and have their picture taken) but Noah declined on this occasion.

He was very interested in going to the little farm, however. He called it "Old MacDonald's Farm". I guess every farm is Old MacDonald's farm to him. Mr. MacDonald is one busy farmer!

There was also a little hay maze which Noah and Dan navigated themselves out of a little too easily. (Maybe they just got lucky!) There were pony rides as well, but like the tractors, Noah simply wasn't in the mood for it on this day.

He was, however, in the mood to try the enormous playground which had about 5 or 6 very large slides. There was no way he wanted to go by himself though, so I got to enjoy a ride too!

Our day was definitely worth the admission price of $10 (kids 3 and under are free, so we didn't even pay for Noah). I would do it again next year in a heartbeat!

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