Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghost Sock Halloween Craft

  • white sock
  • black felt
  • thick Popsicle sticks
  • white glue
  • tissue paper
  • marker
  • orange pipe cleaner
  • scissors

  1. Place the sock upside down so that the toe is at the top. (The toe area will be the head of the ghost).
  2. Socks should be about 8 inches long. If longer, cut the bottoms off to make them this length.
  3. Place the Popsicle stick inside the sock, horizontally, about 4 inches from the top. You will need to pull at the side of the sock and stretch it, so that it will hold the stick. These are the ghost's arms.
  4. Help kids to scrunch up a an individual piece of tissue paper.
  5. Hold the bottom of the sock open and have them push the tissue paper as high up as possible. They will likely need help to get the tissue paper past the Popsicle stick and into the toe of the sock. Continue doing this until the sock is filled with tissue paper right up until an inch or two from the bottom.
  6. Using the black felt, cut two circles that are 2 inches in diameter for the eyes, and one that is 3 inches in diameter for the mouth.
  7. Using a marker, lightly mark a dot where each of the eyes, and the mouth should go.
  8. Give the kids the glue and a Popsicle stick. Have them scoop up some glue with the Popsicle stick and  apply it to one of the dots. Give them an eye or mouth to glue onto it.
  9. Once they have finished the face, you can write their first initial on the front of the ghost using the marker. 
  10. To make the bottom of the ghost look more "flowy", cut 1-inch vertical strips all the way around the bottom.
  11. Thread the orange pipe cleaner through the top of the ghost and tie it at the top. Hang the ghost for all to see!

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