Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collecting Leaves

We have been enjoying the fall season, whether taking a walk around the block, playing out back, or going to the playground. We even visited High Park Playground (which we haven't done for a very long time). We met Marlaine and the twins there. The twins and the 3 older boys are actually all on the slide in the photo above.

Above, the big boys are gluing foam ABC's, dinosaurs, farm animals, stars and trains while Oscar roams around on the floor. Actually, he has recently been pulling himself to a standing position! One of his new favourite activities is standing at Noah's bedroom window, enjoying the view.

One day, I gave each of the kids a brown paper bag with their name on it, and we all went outside to collect leaves. We went around a different, larger block so that we would have more variety to choose from. For the first half of the block, Noah walked and collected leaves. He got so passionate about it that he started picking up nearly every leaf, regardless of its quality. But who says a few dried pieces of leaf desperately hanging onto a stem isn't quality? Not Noah!

At the halfway point, it was Noah's turn to ride in the wagon while Aidas and B. searched for their favourite leaves. We gave some leaves to Oscar to hang on to. He obviously needed to be closely monitored lest he consume an early lunch of leaf and paper bag. (He LOVES a good paper snack!) Aidas and B. started out collecting leaves, but eventually became far more interested in trucks and fire hydrants. 

Later that day, we emptied our leaves onto the table. (I had disposed of the "unhealthy" ones.) We attempted  a leaf colouring activity. You know, the one where you put the leaf under the paper, then rub your crayon on top of the paper until you see the shape of the leaf? Well, apparently they are not quite ready for this yet. Not only was it difficult for them to do, but they also had trouble seeing the leaf shapes after I helped them to colour. We'll give it a try again next year when Noah is 4. Perhaps we'll simply try gluing the leaves onto paper in the meantime.

Here are Aidas and B., having a blast with Noah's wooden train set (which has been greatly embellished by a birthday gift from Auntie Krista and Uncle Scott). Oscar loves to take the track apart, which does not please them.

And here's the sleepy-head. It usually takes quite a while for Noah to agree to leave the comfort of his bed after we wake him up from his nap. (He is always the last one still sleeping.) If I really want him to get out faster, we all have to leave his room (once he is fully awake) and take the party to the living room. Only then will he demand to be freed.

We've also been visiting the Early Literacy Program at Indian Road Public School. There are so many activities for the kids to enjoy there! It's a very busy place and I barely have time to snap a photo. The two pictures above were taken on a day when we met Marlaine and the twins there. The lady that runs the program is absolutely fantastic. We love her, and the way she runs music circles. 

We played hockey outside one day. I had to show the boys how to hold the stick again, but once I did they caught on pretty quickly! Oscar crawled around chasing after his own ball, basically using his hand as a hockey stick.

And here's the little guy practicing his crawling skills at Lithuania playground. He's getting lots of head bonks and bruises, which I remember so well with Noah and Aidas at this age. In fact, he sustained a minor injury shortly after the tunnel picture was taken. Poor little guy!

We played Grocery Store with Noah's new pretend cash register this week. In one picture, we have our youngest customer ever making a purchase at Loblaws. In the second picture, we have B. purchasing eggs by opening the carton and choosing his favourites. I had no idea eggs were sold individually! 

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