Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Beautiful Daycare Day

It was quite chilly last week, and sadly, we had to bust out the hats and mitts!

But today was a beautiful fall day. Even better than the stinkin' hot weather. Just....perfect!

Look how fast our daycare babies are growing up! Beautiful Maryam is quickly becoming less baby, and more little girl!

We started by playing tag for a bit.

Caught this beautiful moment...

Then I realized we have a budding soccer star on our hands. Little Marcus was REALLY enjoying kicking the ball around today!

Oh my goodness. The pictures below are so cute, I can't even....

Maryam chose her favourite hiding spot for Hide and Seek: in the bushes!

It's really peaceful in there. ;)

It's always a confusing game of hide and seek with little ones. When I thought they were coming to find us, they were just moving to a new location to count. And when I'm it, and I finish counting, there they always are, coming towards me. I guess they figure they'll cut me a break and make it easier for me.

This little girl can sit on the teeter totter all by herself now! I sat across from her and we sang songs. Her favourite right now is Roly Poly. (Well, that could be tied with Twinkle Twinkle)

The day was complete with a Noah sighting. Can you spot him? We often are lucky enough to say hello to him, as we leave the park and he enters the park at lunch time. He seemed very happy in his environment, and claims he is enjoying this year of school even more than last. (That is saying a lot, considering he has more homework now!)

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