Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cinderella's Wardrobe

Yes, my daughter just had to wear her extravagant Cinderella dress to the playground. Actually, we are at about 4 unnecessary wardrobe changes per day, for that kid. She will use any excuse to change.

One night at dinner, she announced, "I spilled some water on my dress." It was only a few drops, and I told her it was fine. "Yey! I get to change!" she announced. I was confused. "What? No, it's fine Leila. It'll dry in a minute." I heard the groan, and I knew I would. Win for Leila. She changed dresses.

Another time, as I was getting her off the potty, she said, "Did I get pee on my dress?" "Nope," I responded. "It's fine." Another groan, another win for Leila. "You can change outfits," I sighed. "Yey!" she exclaimed.

Amadea likes to layer her clothes. If Amadea comes in with a long sleeved shirt over top of her dress, and later takes the shirt off because she's hot, Leila will demand to change outfits, "because Dea did." "But she didn't change outfits - " I begin, and realize there is no future in discussing it. It is far easier to change her clothes than to be firm on this one, and it's not a battle I want to pick with her. Leila win. She needs to be a model one day. Then she'll get more wardrobe changes than she can handle (On the side though, Leila. On the side.)

Aaaanyway, back to business.

I will never tire of seeing Maryam's proud face as she follows the big girls down the hill. It is delightful every. Single. Time.

We bought kites from Dollarama, and on this day it was windy enough to try them out. We didn't have much success, though. There was a lot of strings getting caught around legs, or under toddling or crawling babies. I'm thinking those old fashioned plastic shopping bag kites might be the way to go! They won't be as pretty, but I bet they will work better. I'll report back on that one. ;)

Cinderella tripped on her dress, and realized herself that it limited her freedom of movement at the playground. So, guess what we did? Yup. We changed her clothes.

Super Girl, and her partner in crime, Amadea.

Drew is TOO darned cute. Maryam is really warming up to him now. At first, she was too cool to be seen hanging around a 'baby'. But Drew is coming along so much intellectually and physically that she is starting to view him almost as an equal. (Almost.)

It has been a little chilly this week! It's all good though!

Well hello, handsome! Marcellus loves the sand box.

I let Drew climb on the smaller of the two playgrounds, and then watch him like a hawk by the openings. He really is a great climber, but alas, is still only 16-months, so I have to pull him down every now and then to calm my nerves.

We had Noah again with us, Monday! He was ill again (it's been a very rough spring!). I would be concerned about him missing so much school, but he really is a great student.

She always finds those puddles.

I wasn't willing to let them get too into it on this day though. It was just a little too chilly to get wet and mucky. Next time, guys!

I've been meaning to get a video of Marcellus walking, but every time I start to film, he seems to plop down. I finally got it. Over the past week or two he is walking more and more! Way to go, Marcellus!

We went for a walk yesterday. Yes, we like to borrow people's front lawns, and such. I'm not even sure what the kids are doing in these photos. Maybe just 'living the life'?

Being silly?


Again, not our residence. ;)

Marcellus was nodding off in the wagon, so we made him a pillow of unused diapers, topped with spare clothes. Aren't we creative?! :)

How handsome is Drew?! Growing so fast...

This trip around the block seemed to be mostly about appreciating different plants and flowers. People really have done a great job with their gardens, and each one is so unique. The girls are very gentle; they do love to touch and smell the flowers.

Walks around the block are a great time for nature appreciation and exploration. They are also great for working on climbing, balancing and jumping skills. So fun!

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