Friday, June 3, 2016

Daycare News

It seems much easier to get these short and sweet daycare posts up. As you know, my pictures of the kids seem to accumulate very fast.

This is the front area of a house we pass on our daily walk to the park. I've met the man who lives here, and he says he decorates it like that for the neighbourhood children. And they do love it. There are lots of pin wheels, and pretend birds with pin wheel wings that spin in the breeze.

Here the kids are looking excitedly behind me, at the sprinkler across the street. Maryam was waving and saying "Hi sprinkler." She was not pleased with me when I told her we would visit the sprinkler later, on our way home. She was ready NOW. :)

Fast-forward to our way home. There you go, Maryam. :)

I have to end with this picture of Marcellus. It will help you on your way to having a wonderful weekend.

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