Thursday, June 2, 2016

Uh-Oh, Spaghettio!


I just love pics of kids enjoying their spaghetti! (I also love "Spray N' Wash.) Isn't Maryam a little ray of sunshine?!

Drew ate a mountain of spaghetti (and that's taking account of all of the noodles that fall onto and beside his lap). Every kid seems to love spaghetti! (Except for Noah. It would be too good to be true if ALL the kids liked the same dinner meal!)


I finally woke this sleepy-head when dinner was ready, and he dove right in. Go, Marcellus!

Today, as we were walking to the park, I stopped the wagon to give Drew more snack. Amadea and Leila ran a little ahead, towards the corner. Maryam, standing by the wagon, held up her hand and said, "Stop, guys!" She sounded and looked like I do, when I'm alerting one of the kids to a potential danger. No doubt she did this because I am very serious about her safety around the road. Leila and Dea have graduated the sidewalk safety course; they know to ALWAYS stop at the corner, far back from the road, and wait for me before we cross. Maryam, at 2 and a half, is obviously still in training, although she is learning all the rules well. The girls are so great with helping to show her the rules for street safety. And Maryam is so proud that she is becoming a big girl.

And she keeps Mickey safe too. ;)

Book club, in the shade of the trees...bliss.

These two little guys are becoming great friends, even if Drew hugs him a little too much sometimes. Marcellus grabs at Drew's face, in delight, so there are no innocents here. lol

Marcellus is wonderful. I'm not sure if I've said that yet. He is extremely clever for a not even 1-year-old. Today, I couldn't find his other shoe, so I had only put one on him. A few moments later, I see him walking around with his other shoe in his hand. ?!!! His heart is warm, his giggles are sweet. And then I look at Drew, and I melt. And then I see Maryam talking to Mickey Mouse. She's got him on the swing, and she's asking him if he wants an underdoggie. I melt more. And the way the big girls (I always call them the big girls, but they are still so little too) were dancing today to one of our cd's. The attitude and passion in their dancing was far beyond adorable. I love them. I love them ALL.

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