Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Yogurt Party, The Public Bookcase, and Father's Day Crafts

Well, it wasn't a formal party, but the babies certainly did have fun!

I swear that yogurt is like candy to babies; they all seem to love it!

I caught Drew with the yogurt bowl on his head, exclaiming, "Hat!" At least he had finished most of the yogurt. Dea and Leila used to do this with full bowls of yogurt. Still, his hair was of such a consistency as to cause his mom to ask him what happened, when she came to pick him up that evening. Oh Drew, such a rebel! :)

The girls are so persuasive in their arguments (and I a pushover). They asked to bring umbrellas out, for the sun. How could I deny them? Quick! Everybody run for cover under Leila's umbrella! I think the sun is reemerging from behind the clouds! Yeah, the umbrella excitement was over by the time we reached the next block, but that's to be expected.

Maryam loves rolling down the hill!

Holy cuteness.

It was SO hot on Monday. We brought out spray fan bottle outside and used it a lot (even me). In the background of this picture, you can see Leila spraying Marcellus with it.

We have been borrowing an lending/donating books to this corner book cabinet. These are becoming quite common in some neighbourhoods across Toronto. They are so fun!

I cannot keep up with how fast babies change. This little guy is motoring around now, getting faster on his feet by the day!

 Girl's club.

Here were our Father's Day crafts for this year. The kids decorated their chosen colour of construction paper.

When they were finished and dried, I laminated them and taped them to cans. They are a little large to put pens and pencils in, but I'm sure the daycare dads will find some use for them! 

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