Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daycare Halloween Party

Yesterday we had a little Halloween party at the daycare. Noah and Aidas were in their costumes for practically the whole day. Noah chose to be Tigger all day. Aidas opted for cool firefighting duck in the morning, and Tigger in the afternoon.
The kids often dress up in these clothes anyway, since most are in our dress-up bin. B. wore one of the Tigger costumes in the morning, and L. was a firefighter for parts of the morning. M. is currently only into wearing the backpacks.
I had blown up 5 huge pumpkin punching balloons the night before. Two of them popped that night. The rest of them popped as we began to play with them. One of the Tiggers was not too pleased with this. I'm not sure if they were faulty, or if I just blew them up too darn big!

So.....we decided to do the Halloween puzzles I made for them, instead.
I used a black cat picture I got off the Internet, and some pumpkin shapes I still have from when I was teaching. I also cut out a ghost from white bristle board. Then I cut each of the shapes into 3 pieces to make puzzles. They needed help to keep the pieces from sliding under each other, but it was a fun, festive activity. And I just tossed them in the trash at the end of the day.
We also made paper spiders. (See previous post.) The kids had fun dancing around and dangling the spiders from the strings.
At snack time the kids had a special treat: ghost cookies! Noah and I picked them up from Bread and Roses in Bloorwest Village the night before. Boy, these cookies went a long way!
They were still eating them for afternoon snack! Yes, it was an extra nutritious day at the daycare! But hey, you gotta have some fun, right?
The kids spent a long time outside in the afternoon. They are enjoying their outdoor time even more at this age. I haven't had any requests from them to go back inside, even when it is rather chilly and windy. This bodes well for the upcoming Canadian winter!

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