Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up

Due to ever-growing bodies, we attempted a different set-up in the wagon this week. I removed one of the sides of the wagon and sat them sideways, allowing them more leg room. It is going well, but obviously needs constant monitoring. They are learning to sit with their backs right up against the back of the wagon. Noah and L. are always stationary, but M. and Aidas sometimes need to be reminded to "move back", as I won't accept even the slightest gap between their backs and the wagon.
On Monday, we took a walk around the neighbourhood. We rarely do a walk as an activity in itself, but on this afternoon (after the rain let up) it seemed like the perfect outing. We looked for robins, saw pumpkins, flowers, and noticed the stop signs. We stopped at one house and said hello to 2 cats, one of whom ran into the bushes to play Hide and Seek with us.
M., L., and B. are settling into the daycare and enjoying it more, now that it is more familiar to them. Our mornings this week were filled with activities such as painting, the Number Line, dress-up, colouring, puzzles and playing in the tents. Of course, everyone also enjoyed playing with the new toys and reading the new books Noah got for his birthday.
 In the afternoons, we visited the Parkdale Early Years Centre, the Annette Street Library drop-in and Baird Park playground. M. & L. bravely made it through these afternoons without their blankets. M. is particularly attached to her "blanklet", so this was quite a big feat for her.
Weekly Anecdotes:

  • Charla - "What's your favourite song, Aidas?" Aidas - "Rory the Racing Car".
  • Upon singing the clean-up song, L. singing along wholeheartedly and busily putting toys away.
  • M.'s joke - When asked what her name is, she replies "Aidas" and laughs.
  • Noah "directing" M. and Aidas to come listen to "Puff the Magic Dragon".

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