Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Daycare News

We went to High Park on Monday to play in the leaves. Since we had last been there, the machines had cleaned the leaves up. The leaves had been collected into a few huge leaf piles, so we chose one that looked good and enjoyed it!
They really wanted to (and kept trying to) climb to the top of the pile, but that didn't look like such a good idea. Plus, we really only needed about one twentieth of this pile to have fun in.

The kids enjoyed pretending that they were squirrels sleeping in the leaves. We pretended the leaves were a blanket, and sang the "Sleeping Bunnies" song, but changed it to "Sleeping Squirrels". FYI, that is a cookie in Aidas's mouth, not a leaf! 
We had so much fun, even if we were ABSOLUTELY filthy at the end of it! Totally worth it.

The next day, we went back to High Park. We visited the High Park Zoo. The kids saw llamas, yaks, sheep, cows, peacocks and bison.
After the zoo, the kids got out of the wagon and walked down the path for a bit. They really enjoyed it!
We also did some finger painting this week. Noah is FINALLY into it! B. is not ready to try it yet. He was a little grossed out by it. This was how Noah originally viewed it, so I'm sure, in time, B. will enjoy it too.
Later in the week we visited a nearby parkette. The kids seem to like this area, so we will use it as the backyard we do not have! 

I had bought children's hockey sticks from Value Village, so the we tried them out. 
Doesn't it look like they're really playing hockey? Well, except for Noah holding the stick with one hand!

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