Friday, October 22, 2010

On My Foot There is a Flea

ON MY FOOT THERE IS A FLEA (From the Ontario Early Years Centre)

On my foot there is a flea (Fingers on foot)
Now he's climbing up on me (Crawl fingers up body)
Past my tummy (Crawl fingers over stomach)
Past my nose (Crawl fingers over nose)
On my head, where my hair grows (Crawl fingers onto head)

On my head there is a flea (Leave fingers on head)
Now he's climbing down on me (Climb fingers down face)
Past my tummy, past my knee (Crawl fingers past stomach, knee)
On my foot (Crawl fingers onto foot)
Shoo! (Gently slap foot)
Take that you flea! (Point at foot)

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