Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Almost 3!

The photo above is of the kids playing tag at Lithuania Park. The pictures below are of the kids playing....ummm.....err....well....some interesting game that involves puzzle pieces on chairs. And babies, of course!

Leila absolutely adores her friend Dea.

Speaking of Dea, Leila and I baked her a cake yesterday. Leila knows about the perks of helping mommy bake. :)

And today, we followed the time-honoured tradition (only at the daycare, of course) of having the birthday girl or boy help with their own cake. We put frosting on, and added star sprinkles (Amadea's choice) on top.

The little guys were just mesmerized with the tiny star sprinkles, at first.

Marcus enjoyed sprinkling some on top!

The littlest of our littles are learning fast!

Licking the spoon: the best part.

Marcus attempted a little digging action on the cake, just playing around with it. It turned into a beautiful little swirl! As I went to take a picture, he turned with this smile and said, "Cheese!" I think he was in his happy place. It's always nice when the babies get a little older, and they can take a bigger part in these activities. He was proud to be a part of it for sure!

And Maryam's face is just classic here. I love it!

The person who enjoyed this activity most though, was the birthday girl herself! (Notice the photo bomber in the photo.)

We will be celebrating Amadea's birthday tomorrow. One day away from the big 3!

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