Monday, October 19, 2015

Changing Chairs (and other random updates!)

So, although the pic above looks like the precursor to an embrace, it truthfully is a gesture signalling, "Hey Maryam. Hand over the stroller. It's my turn." And, it looks like my daughter might not have a future in childcare, but she's young yet. ;)

Aren't these beautiful pictures I took of Amadea last Friday? She took such great care of Simba.

Aaaannd...looks like it's Maryam's turn with the stroller again. lol

We took a little break from the playground today to eat our cheese sandwiches and cucumber on the bench. 

Guess who graduated to a booster seat today?! Maryam! She has crawled up onto the booster seats and chairs many times, but has never had a meal there. She LOVED it.

Marcus moved into Maryam's old chair for now. I'm not quite ready for him to move into a booster yet, but it won't be long, I'm sure! He looked like a bigger boy today, sitting in that chair.

I love when the kids get the meal time sillies!

And finally, my little itty bitty ballerina returned to ballet classes last Saturday! I thought she was going to do soccer, but she decided ballet was the way to go. She loves to dance!

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