Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chudleigh's with the Children!

We went to Chudleigh's Apple Farm today. But it wasn't just our family. We also brought Thomas along in our car, and Amadea and her family met us there!

The playground is awesome. It was definitely Thomas's favourite! The kids had a great time sliding down and landing in hay!

Then there was the hay maze. But none of us actually walked through the maze. Instead, the kids stuck to walking ON the hay.

Thomas quickly became an expert at jumping across the gaps in the hay stacks.

They opted to 'fall' into this gap. They called it jail. :)

We went on the tractor-wagon ride, but not to pick apples, like we usually would. Unfortunately, it was too late in the season, and all the apples had been picked already.

Instead, we traveled to a beautiful forest. Here, Tom does a 'leaf angel'.

Tom saw a swing in the forest he wanted to try. So we stayed behind to wait in line while the others went ahead on the path.

We had a great view while waiting.

Go Tom!

Time to catch up to the others. Wait for me, Tom!

Apparently, the gang had found a similar swing further along in the forest.

We did manage to scrounge up a few apples from the ground. They were delicious!

Farmer Leila.

Farmer Dea.

Farmer Thomas.

We stopped by the little farm, and even fed the goats!

They also got to climb on some tractors.

We returned to the play area to pack in a little more fun!

Hay fight!


The 3 musketeers, in action again!

A beautiful day with friends.

They had so much fun that our ride home looked like this.

I feel the same way. G'night!

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