Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Amadea!

Amadea started at the daycare when she was not even 1 year old. Now she's a whole 3 years! (I know such a veteran to this world!)

We were just finishing up the party decorating when she arrived for her birthday party, so she was right on time! She of course opted for the party hat and "Birthday Girl" ribbon.

Leila found it a little difficult, with Dea getting extra special attention. It's not easy for my kids, at times, to constantly see their mommy giving hugs and kisses, and attention to lots of other children. I really have to make sure that, while I want to be fair in what I do for ALL the children, I have to reassure my kids that they are extra special to me because they are my babies. And I never want to do this in a way that is so blatant that it makes another child feel less loved than my own children. This is, after all, their home away from home, and I never want them to feel second rate. It can be incredibly tricky to navigate this child psychology; to make sure that everyone feels loved and accepted, and special in their own way.

One of our gifts to Dea was a Hello Kitty umbrella. I had bought Leila one at the same time (to replace the one she had, which is falling apart, and also to make her not feel totally left out). Hers, however, broke during the first minute of trying it out. She was really good about it and took it in stride. The said umbrella she holds in the background here, has half a stick. ;) (My Karma for shopping at Walmart.) I was thankful that the birthday girl's umbrella was still intact though!

We did a special activity for Amadea's birthday in the morning. We made Fruit Loop necklaces. Dea was very skilled at this! Maryam just liked the snack/treat, and Marcus loved feeling the fruit loops in his hands, and then letting them spill back into the bowl (he's not into sweets that much). And Leila's focus in this photo really tugs at my heart strings. Actually, they all tug at my heart strings, because they are unbelievably sweet.

Dea got a present from my helper. I think her favourite part of it may have been the singing card! Leila got this same card for her birthday back in March, so we were very familiar with the song already.

Here we go with a series of photos. Once again, they are all so cute that I couldn't leave any out!

These are disciplined 3-year-olds, NOT eating their fruit loop necklaces until this point!

Dea insisted on bringing the clothing gift she got from my helper outside with us. So then of course, Leila wanted to bring a gift bag with a toy outside. And then Maryam decided she wanted to too. Marcus didn't care about that. He's so chill about these little details. I ran to my closet and grabbed some extra gift bags.

Later on, outside, Maryam got a turn with all of them. Such a busy girl!

Here goes Dea racing down the hill. Somewhere near the bottom she tripped and fell. She was pleased though, to get a princess Band-Aid on each knee. ;)

And then we played a special game: Hide the Present! It's an empty shoe box I wrapped in blue (Dea's favourite colour) wrapping paper.

Here they are finding the present. They peek a lot when it's their turn to count!

Marcus helps to find the present on the slide.

This is a beautiful shot of a beautiful boy. Just sayin'.

Marcus watches his friend Maryam on the swing.

And then joins her!

After nap time we gave Dea her gift.

It was Dora's backpack, and it came with a little camera, map and keys. We thought it was right up Dea's alley, as she loves to pack and carry bags.

After dinner, it was time to sing Happy Birthday. You're 3, Amadea!!!

Lovely, wonderful, beautiful, smart, creative girl! We love you, we love you, we love you!

I leave you with this beautiful little chocolate monster! Happy weekend everyone, and GO JAYS! :)

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