Friday, October 23, 2015

Crafts and Cookies

 We've been busy at the daycare! We made paper jack-o-lanterns to decorate our front door.

We did a beautiful fall craft with the leaves we had collected from High Park.

AND, we made Halloween cookies! We only needed two eggs for the recipe, which Dea and Leila helped me out with.

But, Marcus and Maryam wanted to try cracking an egg too. Above, Marcus watches as the egg yolk oozes onto the floor. lol

Below, Dea stirs, and Marcus is still fascinated with the egg. Such a curious and observant little guy! He's getting so smart!

The kids made different Halloween shapes: ghosts, bats, pumpkins and cats.

They came down to see the cookies in the oven. I told Marcus he could have a peek, but he thought I was crazy. He knew the oven was hot, and that he should stay back. See?! Getting so smart!

Today, we iced the cookies, and put sprinkles on.


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