Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Playing in the Leaves

We went to High Park yesterday to play in the leaves! Only about a quarter of the leaves in the park have changed colour (due to the extended warm weather we've had this fall).  So we have many more chances to play in the leaves in the next few weeks! It's only just begun!

The kids brought their own paper bags to the park to collect leaves. We later used them to make beautiful art (which I'll show in a future blog).

Leila and Dea both found pretty leaves.

Marcus loved the crunching sound of the leaves under his feet.

Maryam especially liked watching me bury my feet in the leaves.

I fully support the act of lying down in the leaves. This is the view you get!

Leila takes stock of which leaves she has collected.

We enjoyed some time at the playground, and noticed that there is some construction going on for a new splash pad, due next spring! Awesome!

But we had to return to those leaves.

Dea took it upon herself to bury Maryam's legs in leaves.

Leila wanted a turn to be buried in the leaves too!

Maryam saw me lying in the leaves and thought it looked like a great idea.

Dea also thought Maryam would delight in having leaves poured over her head.

I guess she was into Dea's plans, because she sat in her personal collection of leaves for quite some time! Even later, when she finally got up to check out the pile of leaves were making a few metres away, she quickly returned to the exact spot she had been in, and sat down again. I think she was in some sort of baby-meditation zone, rice cake in hand, of course.

Marcus and I played tag. He thought it was hilarious when I ran, dragging my feet so that the leaves would "swish". He's always been fond of peculiar sounds. ;)

He's becoming so much more playful in his ripe old age of 21-months! Geez, every age is so fun with these guys!

Beautiful girls! I can't believe they will be in school less than a year from now!

Amadea hid Leila so well in this pile of leaves, that Marcus tried to walk through it, thinking it was just a pile of leaves! He tripped over Leila, of course. He looked pretty surprised! It was hilarious. :)


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