Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

We made paper Thanksgiving turkeys at the daycare!

These pictures are all mixed up, because I did the activity with different kids on different days (due to absences).

What we did was trace the outline of the child's foot on brown paper, and cut it out. Then I traced the child's hand once on yellow, once on orange, and once on red construction paper, and cut them out.

Marcus opted out of the hand-tracing part. I think it made him uncomfortable or nervous to place his hand on the paper for more than a second. Also, when you're almost 20 months, you don't place a high value on sitting still, so there's that. ;) But at least we got his foot!

We glued googly eyes onto the heel of the foot cut-out, an orange triangle for a beak, and little orange legs in the toe area.

Here is Maryam, trying to trace her OWN foot for the activity. Great enthusiasm, Maryam!

The three hand prints were glued to the back of the heel to make the turkey's feathers.

And we have our turkeys! I just love Marcus's featherless turkey. It's adorable! It's the baby of the bunch! I am very thankful to care for and learn from these wonderful, bright children (of course, including my own). Children always have a way of reminding us that the simple joys of life really are the greatest part of life. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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